Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No more excuses.

Hey, folks. Okay. Back and ready for business.
Since my last post, I
-had very little Internet access
-thought Mortimer the Mac was dead. Again.
-was able to revive the little bastard. (Might change his name to Lazarus. It's a thought.)
-caught a crazy-bad case of strep throat out of nowhere.
-mostly recovered from said illness, thanks to many pills and daytime TV.
-got my first adult American passport.

Please feel free to finish the sentence with any of those options, since they're all true.
I find the last one the most exciting/scary bananas because it means that I can no longer escape my fate as an adult, at least in the eyes of the United States government.
Yeah, well tell that to my steady diet of ice pops and chicken soup.
It is really exciting, though.

So, now I'm going to read your blogs until the one title I know of for next year's reading list arrives in the mail.
Awww yeah.


Follower Love-Fest #11: Alegra

Alegra's blog, Dollface is Candysweet, is one of the first that I clicked the friendly little 'Follow' button on. It must be said, first and foremost, that she is a Grade A cutie-patootie, and I don't mind saying so. Her closet is nothing short of enviable. Or is it her style? Hell, it's probably both. Pluse, she's funny as hale. Case and point: 'i can also never leave the house without my primark denim shirt. it does to me what american apparel does to other people. it makes me think i'm cool.' Did you laugh? Of course you did. Oh, and her DVD collection (it's her background in most outfit posts) is worthy of some mouth-dropping, too.


  1. Are you talking about the Book History Reader? I hear that shit gives you cancer.

  2. Oh my God, I laughed so hard at that picture. Hahahahaha.


  3. I've had my Mac for three years, and I must have brought her back from the dead at least 5 times. Zombie computers are only the best kind.

    Also, that picture is all sorts of win.

  4. @Casey: I heard the same thing. That's why i left my copy at home for the week, three hours away from me.

    @Nic: Glad the picture gave you as much enjoyment as it did me.

    @Peace: Seriously, I've never experienced anything like it with any other form of technology. And I've had some pretty bad incidents with electronic. :]