Sunday, February 7, 2010

'You have work. We get it.'

I assume that's what you lovelies are thinking every time I mention this essay or that exam.
Fear not--they're all over!
Well, until March, but who cares about that silly old month?
The answer: Not Liz.

Last week I handed in my last essay for that term. Even with two extensions and several all-nighters, it was not my best work by several thousand miles. It will not wow my deliciously dorky tutor to the point where he would like to discuss it over several glasses of wine, but it might upset him so much that we have to explore over several cups of tea what made it such a disaster. Either one of those is fine with me.

When it was all done and handed in, I took the long way home. Meaning, I stopped in every charity shop and bakery on my way home. At one of said bakeries, my delirious state of mind had me convinced that a mountain of croissants was exactly what I needed in my life to rid it of the stain of Chaucer's use of narrative devices. Don't worry. I thought better of it and got the most delicious lemon tart of my life instead. No pictures because it quickly found it's way into my tummy.

That's not to say that I didn't make any other ridiculous impulse buys.
Guess Who?
We've not stopped playing since I brought this home.

For a Euro, you wouldn't have said 'No' either, so don't even play.

Weird, beady hat? Maybe not the best choice I made.

New Hat
A far better grab was this beauty. Just under a fiver may be a bit steep for a charity shop, but I have a remarkably large head and I never find non-knitted hats to fit it. I think it's pretty schweet.

I got home and napped for a bit. At least, I think I did. I lost a few hours and then one of my housemates was baking cookies. I am a useless baker, so my job was to turn these
Cookies: Stage One
into this,
Cookies: Stage Two
which became these.
Cookies: Stage Three
She also bought some mad fruit.
Strange Fruit

Completely unrelated, but I am in love with these pens.
They're pretty much fine-tip markers, but they're cheap they don't bleed and I love them.
It's a dork thing.




  1. Lindt Chocolate is definitely the besssst! :D

    OMG! it's 2:30am right now and you made me hungry! lol

    these cookies look freakin delicious!

  2. I really love that black hat. Dark chocolate is delicious!

    What are those pens called?

  3. @Lodi: Oh man, it it absurdly good. Sorry I inspired chocolust so late at night (or early in the morning), but blame the magic of Lindt, not me.

    @Emily: That hat feels like dark chocolate on my noggin. Not gooey and sticky, just goooood. The pens are Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. Yes, I am copying that the one beside me.

    Using the '@' sign for commenting back does make sense, but just because it's logical doesn't mean it's not odd. Just saying.

  4. I can't lie--they were pretty fucking delicious. We had chocolate bits left over and just shamelessly gorged ourselves on them.

  5. Mmm I want chocolate now, damn you