Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trying to get better posting in something resembling a timely fashion. Next week is my reading week (no tutorials!), so expect all sorts of garbage from yours truly. When I'm not knee-deep in my favourite volume of Post-Colonial criticism, of course.

Right now, I just want to do a quick post about a charity that my former high school is running.

SDA Operation: Prom Dress is not a new idea, but it is a very nice one all the same. We're collecting donations of any and all prom gear for the girls of Hudson County who can't afford the luxury of prom night on their own. While whether or not girls go to their proms is not a story that will make headlines, prom night is an experience that most wouldn't want to be denied. Getting cooperation has been slightly more difficult than originally anticipated, but here's what I've collected so far.

I'm not going to demand, dear readers, that you ship ballgowns to a high school in New Jersey. This just brightens my day because I enjoy when people are nice to one another for the purpose of being nice, and I want to hear about things that have made you happy recently.
Or, tell me about your prom. Was it amazing? Awful? What did you wear? Do you have any baking recipes for those of us who can't effectively use measuring cups?

Chacha now, y'all!


  1. Wow, prom, brings back memories! I had two, and still have and adore both of my dresses.

  2. I wish you weren't across the country! I have three or four prom dresses just languishing in my spare room closet, but shipping would be monstrous.

  3. @daisychain: Okay, I am always really tempted to address you as 'Daisy', regardless of whether or not that is your name. There. That's my embarrassing confession of the day. I'm glad that you had good proms, or good dresses at the very least. There is no doubt in my mind that you look super foxy.

    @Lillian: I'm not even across the country. I'm back in Dublin until June, so I'm calling in favours with the parents, reminding them that they love me enough to go an hour out of their way to work to drop shiz off for me. Oi. And, girrrrl, it's the thought that counts. In lieu of paying absurd shipping, I think that you should have a 'Look at my amazing prom dresses. Yeah, you wish you could by me a corsage.' post. Awwww yeah.