Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reading week, so far.

Well, I was away for a magical weekend at my friend's house in Clare. Five of us (okay, six with me)went for fresh air, over-eating, and general shenaniganry. It was glorious. No pictures of that yet, though, because I just got back last night and am lazy. It's my week off from classes so that we can get caught up on the work they know we haven't been doing the whole time.

To keep up the tradition of not working when I should, today I cleaned, went grocery shopping, and sent e-mails to another 48768658239 summer camps.

Before this week, instead of working, I wrote a fuckton of letters to people whose birthdays I missed/I haven't seen in a while. Postage was a bit of a pain on the packages, but it was totally worth it. I love writing letters, and this made me kind of wriggle in my bed while listening to The Princess and the Frog soundtrack.

Maybe that's not something you're meant to admit. Oops.

Carrying these into town with my other bag of books was something like fun. Well, I do love peeling stamps.
Necessary glitter
Look--glitter! Where could half of the bottle have gone?
Oh, right. Glitter is the language of love.

Meet Charlie, the newest member of the family. He likes water, sunshine, Cool Ranch Doritos, and showtunes. His turn-offs include bottled water, hail, fedoras, and frayed shoelaces. He's single, too.


  1. I love sending post!!!! However I am woefully bad at writing letters, so I usually just send cards and stickers and confetti, with hopes that this will make up for my lack of substance in the heartfelt writing department. I recently just picked up some penpals online and I'm excited to have someone to write to to beef up my pen pal skillzzz. After all you never know when you'll suddenly be thrust into a situation where your love is banished to Siberia and your only hope for keeping the relationship alive is to pen novel-esque letters declaring all your innermost warm gooyness.
    you never know....

  2. charlie is still single? I gotta lot of single girlies in my greenhouse... I'll find him the perfect partner! ;)

  3. Hi Charlie!

    Hmm that makes me wanna right a nice letter with lots of G L I T T E R <3

    Thank you. Hmm I am not sure, maybe for the top cause that was thair fault, but not for the shoes. And I decided to keep the top ;)

  4. @Lillian: Exactly! I feel like people will be too distracted by the shimmering puff of craft-herpes to realize that the letter is pretty much just salutations and a heart. I hope you don't find this too forward, but would you like to be glitter-pals?

    @Lodi: I shall alert Charlie! He is a free man, lookin' for love. :]

  5. @Katrin: I will send you a gliiiiiiiiiiiiiittery letter!

  6. Girrrrrrl, I will totally send you post, if you want!