Monday, March 15, 2010

About this ball thing.

Tonight is the ball!
As of right now, I have no dress, montage music, or army of rodent seamstresses, but I'm not worried.
It is perfectly acceptable to skip one's first lecture of the day if it's in pursuit of a dress.
Anyway, I'm off to find the magical dress of my dreams.

ball ticket
And, yes, I've only painted the nails on one hand.
Hope you're all having a lovely Monday/had a great weekend!

Update: The ball was at least twenty-eight trillion kinds of amazing. Everyone looked gorgeous and just gahhhhhhhhhh. So good. My camera is too big to bring to these things, but I will be more than happy to steal some from my friends' photos once they're sorted.

This was my dress, which I got for more than half off. Hell to the yes, TKMaxx!
I wound up completely ignoring the theme, shy of my feathers and makeup, but that's fiiiiiine.
Yumi Cherry Dress
Nothing better than Photobooth pictures for now, I'm afraid.
And these shoes.
As much as I love these babies, dancing for six hours nonstop has killed my tootsies.

The music was not right for the decade, but it was glorious. When Minnie the Moocher came on, I pretty much lost my mind.



  1. Good luck with the dress hunting. Look forward to seeing your frock of choice!

  2. Ohh dress shopping, good luck x

  3. Thank you both! I got a dressed and have to start getting ready...about a half an hour ago.
    Kind of completely ignored the time period. Oops.

  4. OHHH PICTURES!!!!! I wanna see how lovely you looked at your ball :)

  5. Thanks so much!
    The ball was ahhhhhmazing, and I will bother you all with a full report once I can snatch a few pictures off my comrades. :D