Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zombie Jesus Day!

I failed to go to church, make brunch, or dye eggs this year.
Between the assumed --unless I'm told that he can make a recovery on Tuesday--death of Mortimer, college, and a rather startling arrangement of personal problems, I just couldn't find the time to get into the manic groove that all commercially-endorsed holidays bring out in me.
My housemates have been beyond beyond the past couple of days.
Sure, we're living in a rather disgusting structure, comprised of dirty dishes, newspapers, breadcrumbs, and ants, all posing as a house, but it's kind of nice.
Until the other day, I hadn't seen most of my loves in a week. Some I still haven't seen.
We gots the looooove, though.
When I came home a sleep-deprived mess (six hours' sleep, spread over four days is apparently not enough for a functioning human being), two of my housemates were sitting, watching Glee and eating homemade lemon muffins.
They listened to me rant, then we hugged, ate the deliciousness, and I finally succumbed to Glee's awesome power.
I repeat, 'awesome'.
Right now, I'm waiting for the call from home when the phone will be passed around to every available relative and we will scream love at each other.
Also contemplating whether or not it's worth it to finish an essay which I will probably be failed for anyway.

Either way, I am running off to the shop to see if there is any chocolate left for me to sneakily hide in my housemate's pillows.

Final note: I hope you're all full of love and chocolate/roast/Peeps/whatever you gave up for Lent, if you did. But mostly love. For tradition's sake, I give you


  1. Haha that add is so cute! I'm not actually Catholic so I didn't do Lent this year (All my best friends are, so I used to try! Once I told my mom I wanted to give up my little brother for Lent, but I guess that wasn't ok with her.) but I cannot wait to get my belated Easter Basket from my mom to binge on candy anyways. One of the few times of the year it's completely acceptable!

  2. Ahahahaha. I think she should have let you try and give him up, for one of those life-lesson episodes on sitcoms. And you could all eat your chocolates together once you learned how much you love your brother, despite him putting you dolls in the blender.

    Back in reality, enjoy your delicious basket with abandon! :D

  3. I hope you got hold of some chocolate!

  4. I didn't give anything up this year, feel a bit guilty but I think I'll get over it! xx

  5. Haha Happy Easter too you! I love glee and wish I was watching it right now! I definitely consumed a lot of chocolate this easter and am now in withdrawal.


  6. @Lillian: Thank you so much, love!

    @Daisy: I did, and it was endlessly delicious.

    @Susan: Lent is for suckers anyway. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't make a difference to the Big Guy if we eat Doritos or not.

    @Julia: Glee and chocolate are a stellar combination. I think that you should give into both of these desires. :]