Friday, May 14, 2010

Second Year: Complete

I took my last exam yesterday morning and I still can't believe it.
At this very moment, I am half-way through my degree.
And next week I will be twenty.
Ew. This makes me feel that I ought to be doing all sorts of adult-type things. Ew
I've been sending out a dizzying number of e-mails, begging for work, but responses have been less than promising.
I sent my latest 'assignment' for Fringe a few days ago, so I'll let you all know how that goes.

So, until I get any responses from potential employers which don't begin with 'Thank you for you interest, but...' I've been effectively wasting time on Polyvore.
Haven't heard that word in a while.
Imagining outfits for romanticized versions of your possible-future-jobs is the first step toward actually getting said job, right?

There is a chance that I might be working for a small company in my town which makes its own soaps and candles. While I understand that it is unlikely that my job would consist of delivering delightful bundles of scented glory in the manner of Kiki's Delivery Service, a girl can dream. Even in my daydreams I am aware of the danger the sun's rays pose to my pasty self. Ouch.

More promising is the prospect of working at one of the local country clubs. I have no idea which positions, if any, are available (Towel Girl, Cabana Chick, Caddy), but I do know that my usual taste for mad prints and sundress would not go over well. If those shoes are in my possession, that's fine.

I've heard nothing back from the educational camps at the community college, but this situation would be ideal. I can't think of a better way to spend eight hours than hanging out with and teaching creative kids. Plus, I love making macaroni fish.

Pretty sure working in the town library doesn't pay, but I just don't care. Unlimited access to books (though I hear you're not allowed to read them when you're on duty) and an excuse to expand my cardigan collection are reasons enough.

Could be doing some freelance work for an artists and artisans group. In this fantasy, I am trusted with sexy cameras and a press pass so that I can get in and get the story, or whatever it is that the job entails.

The ol' standby. Last summer the recession had people tightening their belts so much that they wouldn't even hire teenagers to watch their youngsters for a night of freedom. Here's hoping that will change this year if nothing else pops up. I'm good with kids. LET ME WATCH THEM. I can cook, clean, change diapers, teach arithmetic, give anti-drug lectures, build a better mousetrap--whatever you need, Parents of America.

What will probably happen is that, as ever, I won't find work. Three and a half months will be spent swimming at the beach, reading, getting caught up on a year's worth of TV, and reorganizing my house room-by-room. This pleasant, though financially depressing, life of languor will be interspersed with trips to visit friends working in Boston, Washington, and Philadephia. I'll be selling my worldly possessions on the internet to generate gas money. Yee-haw!


Follower Love-Fest #4: Geri

After a short break--during which she was missed immensely--this lovely lady is back to blogging at Lovely as a Car.ous.ill. Whether it's hilarious YouTube videos, new music, or photos from her daily goings-ons, no entry comes without a smile for the reader. She is also a girl who understands the magic and importance of sparkly nail polish. That counts as a virtue way more than Patience does. If you're in the mood to salivate madly, then her food blog, edu.plate, is for you. :D


  1. Congratulations on completing your second year! YAY! Good luck with everything! :D

  2. Congratulations! I wish Polyvore sets were acceptable supplements to resumes. One day, maybe? Anyway, they're fools if they don't hire you. FOOLS!

  3. *sigh* i love Steve Madden. and i absolutely agree with Tricia. fools! lol. congratulations though

  4. Congrats on completing your second year!
    Love your Polyvore choices.

  5. hurrah for being done! and 20 is so young haha x

  6. I'm drooling just looking at these lovely polyvore sets!!!! DEXTER FOR THE WIN, and I just wanted to say your little follower lovin section was SOOOOO FREAKING SWEET!! thanks for the kind words my heart always lights up when you comment. Your blog is pretty inspirational as well I may not know you personally but I already know enough to say that you are lovely, lovely person! I love your blog! Also congratulation on completing your second year ONTO THE THIRD NOW! :)

  7. @Tricia: In a perfect world, love! Thank you for your confidence in my hire-ability. It's a word. My skill as a 'Word-Maker' is definitely going on the CV now.

    @Bibi: INORITE? That man needs to stop making affordable shoes for the masses and start making them just for me. Thank you!

    @Vix: Thanks so much, pretty lady! :D

    @Daisy: I know twenty is young, but the lack of 'teen' at the end of my age is going to make me feel all respectable and I just don't know if I can handle it. Thank you!

    @Ger: Okay. Currently beet-red from you, missy. I just love your blog and posts and fantasmagoricalness, and I'm so happy that you stop by to my corner of the internet. You're a doll! Thank yooooouuuuuu.