Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reading Week Blues

No blues, really.
I got a fair bit of work done. Admittedly, I lost some of my 'I'm going to show Third Year what's for!' steam, meaning I also spent a little too much appreciating my comforter. It was bound to happen.

Exciting-type stuff:
- I got a remote internship for an online magazine, which I'm pretty jazzed about. They were kind enough to take me up, despite the string of expletives I mumbled at my computer while my Skype spazzed out during the interview.
-I'm now writing for one of my university's publication's sites. Holy possessive, Batman! Given, the post isn't up yet, but it has been written and that's half the battle for me.

Oh, and but Justin Townes Earle is going to be in town in January.
'Are you going to get tickets, Liz?'
'Shut up! Is it January yet?'
In short, I am very excited and think that this is just the right kind of surprise I needed after losing several battles with the photocopier/the will to live.
If you don't know who this young man is, that's fine. It was about time for an embedded YouTube clip anyway.
Even more excited.


Follower Love-Fest #14 : Frannie

Frannie is a great gal, it must be said. Our friendship is not entirely based on our mutual love for early Twentieth Century circuses, but it's not hurt by it either. Whenever I visit her in Florida, we're hella' subversive in our avoidance of Disney. Instead, we reenact episodes of Dexter with the aid of food dye and voice-overs recorded on our trusty Talkgirls.