Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Right. I've decided to get back in the saddle before the New Year so that it can't be chalked up as a resolution that I have no intention of keeping up with.
Hope you all had a lovely holiday/blizzard. I have a bit of holiday cheer left over, so I thought I might share.
Yeah. It's that kind of post.
Photo 3
Anyway, it's now time for

Follower Love-Fest #15: Susan

I actually love this girl and her blog, Bit Cat. She hasn't updated since August, I know, and that makes me sad all day. Still, her posts are like sunshine. They are upbeat and tend to be picture-heavy, making them just my speed. Did you click through yet? If you did you will have noticed and remarked upon the glory of Susan's hair and the adorability of her pets to your imaginary friend Saul. Oh, Saul, you so crazy.