Thursday, June 17, 2010


I forgot what humidity was until I got home.
My hair's not a fan, but I really like it when there's so much water in the air that you never quite feel dry. It's kind of like a security blanket.
For the past three days I've been waking up to chirping birds and rustling leaves and all of those stereotypical summer sounds.
My favourite, though, is the sound the plaster and wood of the walls make as the sun heats everything up. They groan and knock on all sides of every room.
It's not subtle either. I think that these sort of hazy descriptions are supposed to be more part of the scenery, but the creaks are loud and don't stop until I get out of bed to start the day.
Actually, they don't stop until nighttime, and then it's time for cicadas.

I miss college and everyone there already. Still, I am glad to be home.
I haven't seen any of my friends yet, but that will change in a few hours when people come over for pizza and movies.
FearNet is a distinct possibility. Awwwww yeah.
Vair, vair excited, even though I've been running around on the job hunt all day, everyday since I arrived back and have failed miserably at reestablishing any form of a sleep schedule.

Oh, and the Internet has contacted me.
Time to call Will Smith.

What else, what else?
Went to a concert with my parents, but that's for another time.
Because I am le tired.

And I'm watching The African Queen.
I love this movie way too much, and not just because of Humphrey Bogart.
Well, he doesn't hurt.

Um. My new Fringe post is up. I'm doing some ~research~ for the next one.
That was my attempt at creating suspense.



Follower Love-Fest #6: Chelsey

Okay, I'm pretty sure that this whole not-being-able-to-click-through-to-profiles problem comes from my own poor understanding of technology. Every time this happens, I'm just going to make up things about my beautiful readers. And then I'll have to go to confession for lying. Or something.

Chelsey and I met on a cruise to Barbados. Originally, the trip was meant to have gone to Alaska, but there was a sudden tax on Bugles that year. The ship's captain, a big fan of the salty treats, had quite a stock on board and refused to pay the tax on principle. So, we changed course. The two of us met while trading our jumpers for sundresses when we docked. We've been pals ever since.


  1. The weather in NJ sounds so beautiful. And your house. And the cicadas. Your description reads like a happy F.Scott Fitzgerald novel...who am I kidding, there's no such thing...

    Also, HIGH FIVE for AWESOME Fringe post. Again. :D

    Also also, I've never seen The African Queen but Humphrey does look mighty fine with all that gin around.

    Also also also, I hope FearNet and pizza was fun. Who am I kidding, of course it was.


    Oh, and LOVE.


    I love that I am reading this comment while trying to unstick the pages of my copy of 'Tender Is the Night'. Books don't like honey and sunshine. Who knew?

    He's actually not at his foxiest, but I do love me some drunken, bumbling Bogart.

    We watched Zombieland instead. HOW HAVE I LIVED SO LONG WITHOUT THIS FILM?



    Tender Is The Night with honey sounds ten kinds of awesome.

    Drunken and bumbling is your style. Oh hi, Tom.

    I've never actually seen Zombieland, but it sounds pretty self-explanatory.


  4. I love waking up to all the summer sounds.

    And I have to check out that movie! :)

  5. @Casey: I think it would be delicious, but my copy is pretty much deadsies. I GUESS THAT MEANS I NEED A NEW ONE. And, yeah, that's what I like. WHYYYY? Also, you should see it. It will change your life. Love!

    @Audrey: They are lovely, aren't they. I highly recommend it if you like Humphrey Bogart/Katharine Hepburn/awesome films. :]

  6. Happy summer to you and good luck with your job hunt! ...And reading and relaxing and friends and movie watching! :D

  7. @Lynda: Thanks so much. Not looking so hot on the job front, but I've got friends and movies pretty well covered. :]