Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When I said that I would start reading for my classes, I don
't think I was very clear.
What I meant to say was, 'I am going to carry around my copy of Metamorphoses, read about twenty pages, then get distracted, reread all of my Vonnegut books, try to organize my bookshelf, and make iced tea.' Sorry for any confusion.


As with last time, the internet ate my newest Fringe post. Cue combination of me feeling like a douchenozzle and hating technology.
I might hop in the car and take advantage of those stress relievers labelled 'Free Windows' in front of a house up the road.

In other news, after a year of being sweaty and cranky, we finally got the air conditioner fixed. HIGH FIVE ME, INTERNET.
That is technology I can get behind. I know, I know. It's a luxury that our ancestors got along without just fine. But our ancestors also thought that maggots came from dirty rags and that mercury could cure venereal diseases. And that's just science.
Goddamn right, Azrael.
Oh ho ho. I made a funny.

Plan for the day:
-Call up jobs to check in again. (Are you sick of this yet? Tough break. So am I.)
-Unpack properly. Oops.
-Call the camera repair shop to see what the damage is to the Hammer and my wallet.
-Buy glitter.
-Run some other sundry errands.
-Make veggie burgers?


Follower Love-Fest #9: Min

Min's blog, Don't Say Stuff Like That, is an eyegasm. Don't look at me like that. It's a delightful mix of film screencaps, fashion, fantasmagorical shoes, and sexy people. You don't know it, but I took a ten second pause there to be distracted by the pictures of Tim Roth just chilling on the main page. Are you still here? I can't for the life of me understand why.


  1. I'm the same way when it comes to reading for school. I've had the Foucault Reader in my purse for several months now, with only about 10 pages read.

    Also, veggie burgers = <3

  2. Gooooo AC :D And Vonnegut. I really want to read some a'Kurt this summer. Also, the JGL gif is wonderful.
    I'm sorry you've had no luck with jobs :( But glitter and veggie burgers might balance that suckiness with AWESOMENESS. And unpacking is for weaklings. I know. I just did it yesterday.

  3. @Leslie: I hate to disappoint, but the veggie burgers didn't happen. This week, however, is all about the chickpea-mashing. Try ripping pages out of a magazine and sticking them in every chapter or so. :]

    @Casey: Unpacking is lame, but you are the opposite of said activity. Read himmmmmmmmm! I know that he's an acquired taste, but I wuv him.

  4. i just came across your site & i love it ! its so cute - love the pics! DEF following you ♡
    id love for you to check out my blog. I constantly host giveaways and interact with my readers.
    My next giveaway will be hosted in a week or so!

    xo elena

  5. fantasmagorical= Win for using this word.

  6. @Elena: Bawww--thank you so much. Checking out yours for sure!

    @Diana: I do what I can. :]