Monday, June 21, 2010

Meant to be a music post, buuuuut...

...that's just not going to happen.

My first full day home, my parents and I saw Jeff Beck in concert.
It wasn't religious experience, but it was certainly better than any mass I've ever been to.
That man is magical. No lie.
Also, his opening act was a big surprise.
I almost died of excitement over seeing that legend and this sexy betch on the same night.
And then performing together.

My gushing would be intolerable were I to go on.

Trying to keep this in the vein of music schtuff. I'm seeing the Goo Goo Dolls in two weeks.
I know that this will do nothing for my street cred, but I love these guys and I will not apologize.

The only thing that upsets me is Johnny's plastic surgery.
I mean, with his bone structure and highlights, he was the man of my nine-year-old self's dreams.

NPH noooo
I'm not sure my achy breaky heart is going to be able to cope with seeing my pre-teen dreamboat so low.

Let's console ourselves, dear readers, with those who have aged well.
Really well.
Get out of my dreams, and into my car.
Well, we all saw this one coming.
Where are you hiding, Thora? Your public misses you!
In fairness, he was thirty when he played Cameron.

And, for my own personal delight, please note how much RDJ looks like a young Ezra Pound when he rocks that skeazy facial hair.

Follower Love-Fest #7: Lodi

Huzzah for a profile I can actually get to! Not that I need one, as I've been on this lovely laydeeee's blog quite a few times, creeping like it's going out of style. That wasn't meant to be some kind of pun/joke thang because she writes a style blog, but there you go. It happened. All the same, I often want to kill her and steal her clothes and garden, but then there would be no more blog or Lodi and I would be very sad. Also, I'd be in jail, and I just couldn't cut it in the clink. What I am getting at is that you should check her out. And marvel at her hair.

In the spirit of this post being all over the place, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY (even though it was technically yesterday)!


  1. Ezra Pound, eh? You can't beat a touch of Imagism on a monday morning!
    Thora Birch, Ghost World? What a fillum!!!!

  2. They all certainly aged well :) Especially Gordon-Levitt :)

  3. I approve of every single thing here. There's a lot of sexiness in this post, not gonna lie.

  4. @Vix: It's the only way to get the week going. :] Oi. Now all I want to do is watch that film, though.

    @Audrey: Seeeeeeeeeeeriously!

    @Casey: And even more since you commented. OHZING

  5. Sawa as the stuff of my pre-pubscent dreams, although now I'd have to say that Gordon-Levitt is aging very, very gracefully. :) Nice post!

  6. Between the two of them, my heart is ever-aflutter. Thanks!