Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hopped up on gummy worms

I got my Secret Santa package in the post today and I'm finding it very difficult to reign in my excitement.

I think my housemates were more than a little confused by it, but they were kind enough to prop it up against my door (like I imagine Santa would. I don't know.)
I could have stopped right here and it would have been enough joy to last me a long time.
Gummy Worms and Joy
Not only is that my favourite nail polish (which I just ran out of) and the most delicious candies, she made that brain (pencil topper) and arm (pen holder).
My face: Photobucket
Not done. The ribbon is sparkly. I feel the need to share this. Wrapping
Scarf Wool Flower
Are you seeing this?
These are handmade and I'm not entirely convinced that they aren't made of cotton candy and magic.
Here's where I actually lost it. Zombie Notebook
The back: Zombie Notebook
The photos fail to convey exactly how gorgeous these are.
Composition book + zombies = DEcomposition book = Liz collapsed into a pile of mush.
Zombie Notebook
The note inside was so tender and lovely that I had to go and make another cup of tea.
No lie.
I could not be happier if Phillip Seymour Hoffman walked through my door with a tea tray, condoms, and my finished essays.

Thank you so much, Raena!
Forever and ever and ever AMEN.

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