Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's get this going right

So, sometimes we do silly things with boys.
And then we feel really terrible, even if it is unnecessary.
Then we are reminded of all the mountains of essays and exams looming in the distance, for which we are dismally unprepared.
(Like, trying to climb Everest without oxygen when your only prerequisite is being "King of the Hill" on a pile of woodchips when you were ten unprepared.)

Life, however, is kind enough to throw in a few good things to balance out our ridiculousness.
Right now, my good thing is one of my amazing housemates.
Not only did she clean the kitchen and make me a delicious dinner while encouraging me to do my work, she bought me this.
That's right, folks.
It's a Batman finger puppet and he makes my day a little brighter.

Why, yes, that was the reason for this post.

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